Dear customer,
Find a simplified and comprehensive guide on how to order below;

Step 1
Click on the product you want to order. Fill in the quantity you want to order and add to the shopping cart

Please note that the minimum order quantity is STRICTLY considered and so any order less than the specified minimum order will NOT be processed. The only exceptions are for client’s desiring to mix and match their order, in which case, they will be expected to kindly send their desired mixed order for processing.

Step 2
After completing step 1 above, your chosen item will be added to your cart. At the top left hand of the webpage, you’ll see an icon representing your shopping basket, click on it to view your chosen item(s). If you want to remove/delete any of the items you have chosen, simply click on the “X” on the left of the item’s name. However, If you are satisfied with the item(s) you have chosen, click “proceed to checkout” to continue.

Step 3
After step 2 above you will be expected to fill in your billing details. Proceed to fill in your billing details, ensuring that the information you fill are accurate. This is the precise address where your order will be delivered and it could be a house address, office address or pox box as the case may be. Fill in your delivery address and click continue

Nevertheless, if you have any particular preferences or any other peculiarity which may need special attention, simply inform us via the text box titled “Additional information” and click “place order”. Your order has now been submitted.

Step 4
After step 3 above, you will then be required to confirm your order with a simple –   “ORDER CONFIRMED”              

Step 5

                Finally, payment details shall be given to you to make payment, while your order is being processed.


We take pride knowing that our customers can rely on us. We work diligently to ensure our inventory systems are managed effectively, meaning that our products are consistently in stock and available for order. Our track record on quality control is equally strong, not a single product recall in our company history.

As a gentle reminder, there is a minimum quantity order for each and every product at CannaPharmas. This minimum order is STRICTLY applicable. So to avoid wasting your time and ours, we plead with you to adhere to the minimum order for each product especially as any order less than the minimum order WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. The only exceptions are mixed orders ( i.e orders containing more than one product). All mixed orders must sum up to a minimum of $300 worth.



Please read this area carefully before you place your order.

Place your order with us only if you accept our payment method.
Once your order has been submitted, payment instructions shall be emailed to you shortly. We therefore urge you to check your inbox (and even junk folder as emails sometimes hide there) from time to time to look out for updates on your order.

Before we could arrived at the convenient methods of payment, we considered a number of factors.
No matter how much we love Cannabis, it is still illegal in so many States and Countries. This makes it very difficult to procure money gate way merchants to process payments through credit cards or PayPal. Nearly all these money gate way processing merchants prohibits illegal drugs in their terms and conditions of which cannabis is included. For this reason, it is not easy for us to accepts payment through credit cards or PayPal.

To keep security at it highest point, we do not have to keep logs. Paying online through credit cards and PayPals if their policies tolerated it would meant providing serious information to the third party. But, we do not want to keep any logs, so any method payment had to take that into considerations.

We deliver in regions and towns where cannabis is not legal, so any payment method adopted should be that which is safer for us and the customer.

• Western Union: You can either do the payment cash at any western union location or you do it online using your credit/debit/prepaid card. Here;

• Money Gram: Payment can also be done cash at any agent location or online using either your credit/debit card/Walmart money card. Here;
• Due to increase pressure from clients we now accept Bitcoin – If you’re an experienced bitcoin user choose this option and we will assign you a unique wallet address. You will receive the address and bitcoin amount after submitting your order.

The above payment methods are the most secured ways for paying Cannabis online. They are fast in processing and they keep you anonymous.

Bank to Bank transfers are reserved only for those buying in bulk.


Take serious note Here:
If  for any reason you are not ready and willing to pay using the above payment methods, do not submit your order. Place you order with us only if you completely accepts and ready to use the above secured payments method. So, do not waste our time submitting an order when you are still not ready to use the above method of payments.

We are here only for those who are seriously in need of Medical Cannabis and its Related Products. And we are ready to deliver it to them in any location of their choice.


Our cannabis products are grown in accordance with rigorous health and safety standards and produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) helping to ensure a safe and reliable product.

Patient safety is #1. To prove it we send our products out for independent testing of 56 pesticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.


CannaPharmas products are tested for metals, microbiological purity, and mycotoxins. Rigorous testing means our products are free of E. coli and salmonella. Other microorganisms like S. aureus, yeast, and mould are kept well below food-safe levels. patients receive only the highest quality products.

CannaPharmas-grade cannabis passes a release process to ensure quality and safety specifications are met. Our products are traceable from the starting plant material up to the client package, and they are assigned lot numbers to be used in the unlikely event of a recall.

Bacteria and mould can affect almost any plant crop, cannabis is no exception. Exposure to bacteria and mould may lead to infections, which is a particular risk for medical users with immune-related conditions. Our integrated pest management practice means we don’t need to use chemical pesticides. Our products are produced in a controlled environment to ensure consistency of each lot. Inputs, including irrigation water and growing medium, are tested. Plant health and eventual material quality are a direct result of consistent, safe inputs.

CannaPharmas product labels indicate the THC and CBD content for the product type, the packaging date and storage instructions. We invite you to browse our site to learn more, and place your purchase order with us today.


We have a very fast and discreet delivery service through out the USA, Canada, Uk and most parts of World. Our shipping and delivery is 100% safe and convenient as we carry out delivery by the help of accurate delivery agents to near by clients and ship very discreetly to far away clients. And we are ready to sell minimum quantities and large supplies of our products worldwide.

We give guarantee that your order will make it through customs of your country. Our distribution crew is expert at making packages that blend in with the rest of the mail. If your shipment does not arrive we can provide you with proof of shipment and you are either compensated or we resend your order but will give no refunds unless it is our error.

We’ve never had a single lost or confiscated package. Our stealth delivery is so safe, you never have to worry. Your privacy is our Number One concern too. We take great care to ensure a successful delivery. Boxes are amply sized and your medication is well-protected.

To avoid crushing, buds will come in small packages. Concentrates can be mailed via a flat envelope which will be shipped via priority mail.

Most orders placed on our site before 2:00pm Georgia time Monday through Saturday, usually ship out the same business day, regardless of the shipment method chosen. Orders placed on Sunday or during holidays usually ship out the next business day.

Orders within the United States and Canada arrive within 24 to 48 hours tops depending on the shipment method selected. While orders to the UK, other European Countries, Australia and Asia is between 48 to 72 hours tops. If a product is temporarily out of stock, and cannot be shipped within 24 hours you will be notified. A physical street address is required for all shipments. WE CANNOT SHIP TO A P.O. BOX.

Delivery will be done via FedEx or Ups either by day or overnight with TRACKING NUMBER available.